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Early planning ensures product availability. Reservations are accepted for a $40.00 fee. If your order includes a tent, a minimum $100.00 reservation fee is required. This reservation fee is your assurance that the item you desire will be available when you want it and is applied towards the cost of the rental. Cancellation of any rental equipment, including tents/canopies, under a reservation must be made at least 7 days prior to the scheduled beginning of the rental period to avoid loss of the reservation fee. Cancellations within 7 days of the scheduled beginning of the rental period incur a fee equal to one-half of the rental rate applicable to the cancelled items. Reservations are accepted via telephone and fax with a credit card. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Remember. . . we lease time, not usage. A rental fee is charged for all time the rental items are in your possession. All rentals are for a 24-hour period. Items rented on Friday after 12 noon and due back the following Monday before 12 noon are considered a 24-hour rental and the daily rental rate is charged. Weekly and monthly rates are also available. A late fee is imposed on items returned after the end of the rental period.


All items are cleaned, sanitized, inspected and packed by AAA Party Rentals to ensure that you receive equipment in good condition. You are requested to inspect all items at the time of pick-up or delivery to ensure that you find them suitable for your needs. For your protection, we sanitize all china, glassware and flatware. To avoid a cleaning charge of 25% of the rental (minimum fee $35), those items must be rinsed free of food and packed in the containers provided. Dirty linen should be wrapped in a tablecloth to prevent mildew and NEVER placed in plastic bags. Do not fold damp linen.


Security is your responsibility. Responsibility for the equipment remains with the renter from time of receipt to time of return. Equipment must be protected from damage, disappearance and weather while in your possession. We charge for all damaged and missing rental items.


A damage waiver (10% of the rental cost) is available to protect you against accidental breakage or damage to equipment.  If an item becomes broken, you must return the broken item or else a full replacement fee will be assessed. 


Delivery and pick-up service is available for a fee based on zip code of the delivery location. Our delivery is to the ground floor level, backyard or tent, within a reasonable distance of the loading area. All items are stacked in a mutually convenient location. All equipment should be re-stacked and/or cleaned and packed in containers provided for pick-up to avoid additional charges. A fee is charged for delivery and pick-up beyond ground level.